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Game Details

  • Manufacturer: Namco

    Genre: Shooting

    Players: 2 player


Game Review

In the classic fun arcade shooter players use an attached light gun to hit targets onscreen. Missions require speed, quick judgement or pinpoint accuracy.
The game consists of non-violent, all ages, shooting contests like shooting targets (and avoiding bombs), shooting cardboard targets, shooting the target of player color, protecting the iconic Dr. Don and Dr. Dan, and other miscellaneous challenges.

The player chooses the desired difficulty level which will determine how many stages must be finished to complete the game in order to finish, as well as their overall difficulty. Players are shown four missions in each grouping, and may attempt them in any order. Players have only three lives for the entire game.

Players can lose lives by

·                 -  Failing to complete a mission in the time limit
·                 -  Shooting a bomb (a black ball with skull and fuse)
·                  - Letting Dr. Dan or Dr. Don die in any mission
·                  -  Incorrectly shooting wrong answers
·                   - Shooting a cardboard civilian
·                   - Shooting the opposite targets