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Game Details

  • Manufacturer: Gaelco

    Genre: Sports Simulator

    Players: Up to 2


Game Review

ATV Track is an awesome Quad Bike Simulator!

Featuring large ATVs Quads racing through the Amazon, this is one seriously fun  game.  A choice of two playing modes , Practice and Competition and  4 courses.  The player can choose from 2 Riders and  4 Quads. The main appeal of the game is the look and the feel. The cabinet is a replica of the outer shell of an ATV. The  journey starts at the beach, where you have sand & trees to battle with . The trail then heads towards the forest and finishes in the Apurimac Fountains. Riders must find the fastest and safest route up and down hills, waterfalls,  over boulders, through villages and thick foliage to win. Once they hit the trail there''s no turning back. They''ve got to tackle the obstacles in their path head on!